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Box crew

WP's apprenticeship trainers are your pit crew. They have years of training experience and will accompany you on the road trip to your chosen profession – both on the classic route and off-road. That's because we value social skills such as team-working competence, self-responsibility and communication skills just as much as job-specific specialist know-how. We continuously train our trainers to make sure you can handle the demands of the modern working world and are well-prepared for your future career

Performance KIT

At WP you can expect:

  • Superior training & personal supervision
  • Modern & safe workplaces
  • International & dynamic environment
  • Varied work & development options
  • Customized further education programs and opportunities
  • Apprentice awards for good & very good vocational school grades
  • Employee discounts & other fantastic social benefits
  • Apprenticeship with university entrance qualification (optional)

Start preparation

A comprehensive and well-structured application portfolio will put you in the fast lane right from the start. Decisive for your start position at WP: Tell us why you are interested in us – and why we should choose you. Why are you applying for this particular apprenticeship? What are your strengths and weaknesses? What do you expect of an apprenticeship at WP? Naturally in electronic form (by email or using the WP application form) and including:

  • Cover letter
  • CV with contact details, your school education, internships, hobbies and a recent photo
  • Copies of certificates of the last two school years and of any internships

Start time

Every year in September

Training session

Once you have passed an orientation test and we have met you in person, we will offer you the opportunity to spend a day with us so you can see what your future apprenticeship will look like.


  • Completion of the 9th grade or 16 years of age
  • Very good general and school education
  • Self-dependent, motivated and creative personality who thinks outside of the box
  • Enjoys teamwork, friendly and respectful of colleagues and superiors
  • Reliability, exactness and a sense of responsibility

Route profile

Metal engineering apprenticeship m/f


  • Assembling, fitting, testing, servicing and commissioning machines and equipment
  • Troubleshooting and eliminating errors, defects and malfunctions on machines and equipment
  • Creating and modifying production programs for computer-controlled machines and equipment
  • Processing mechanical parts; assembling sub-assemblies and components
  • Manufacturing and fitting replacement parts and mechanical engineering elements
  • logging and recording technical data on work processes and work results

Apprenticeship duration: 3.5 years

Vocational school: Schärding

"This is the right apprenticeship for you if you enjoy handling machines and equipment and like hands-on work!“


Mechatronic apprenticeship m/f


  • Building and processing mechanical, electrical and electronic components
  • Assembling components to create complex systems, installing control software and maintaining systems
  • Commissioning and programming finished equipment and installing the corresponding software
  • Careful testing of equipment on the basis of wiring diagrams and design drawings
  • Troubleshooting, isolating and eliminating errors, defects and malfunctions on mechatronic systems

Apprenticeship duration: 3.5 years

Vocational school: Linz

"This is the right apprenticeship for you if you enjoy developing creative solutions for challenging and complex issues in the field of mechatronics!“


CAD designer apprenticeship m/f


  • Standard-compliant drawing of components and sub-assemblies using CAD programs (from draft to finished technical drawing)
  • Calculations
  • Production and commissioning of designed components and sub-assemblies
  • Application of design systematics and technologies of mechanical engineering
  • Creation of technical documentation

Apprenticeship duration: 4 years

Vocational school: Linz

"This is the right apprenticeship for you if you enjoy working with computers in a technical environment!"


Commercial professions:

Industrial management assistant apprenticeship m/f


  • Correctly compiling and processing texts and documents in accordance with specifications
  • Creating, maintaining and evaluating statistics, files and registers
  • Preparing orders, monitoring delivery dates and taking action in the event of delays
  • Contributing towards book-keeping and cost accounting
  • Customer care tasks, keeping customers up to date
  • Supporting personnel administration and organizational development
  • Carrying out administrative tasks with the help of company information and communication system

Apprenticeship duration: 3 years

Vocational school: Braunau

"This is the right apprenticeship for you if you enjoy preparing documents, contacting customers by telephone and working with computers!“

Unsolicited application

Pole Starter

You will always find new opportunities at WP. Every week. A large number of vacancies are filled from our pool of applicants. That's where we look first when a new challenge arises. And we can only find you if you have sent us your initiative application – perhaps because none of our current vacancies are exactly what you are looking for?

Decisive for your start position at WP: Tell us what you want to start as, in what area, the tasks you want to handle and what you want to achieve at WP. Naturally in electronic form (by email or using the WP application form) and including:

  • Cover letter
  • CV with exact details of your training, professional experience, specialist knowledge
  • References and certificates
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