OEM solutions

We look back on more than 30 years as a system supplier for performance-defining components for the most reputable manufacturers of off-road and street bikes. Virtually every European manufacturer uses our components – for more performance, power density and efficiency. We also supply directly to manufacturing plants in the USA and in Asia. All motorbike and automotive components are developed in-house and nearly all of them are manufactured on our premises. More than 1 million parts per year with 100% perfection. Just in time, directly to the production line.


Virtually every other motorbike manufactured in Europe has a radiator from WP on board. For maximum cooling performance, minimum weight and compact design. Developed and manufactured in-house: high-end oil and water radiators in any shape, straight or curved. Can also be delivered together with all fittings directly to the production line for assembly. The result: outstanding cooling performance more than 10 million times over.


We create the framework – for the superior handling of a KTM as well as the precise driving behavior of a Moto 2 bike, for instance. We combine high-strength materials and innovative production technology with high-precision welding seams to produce weight-optimized steel frames and chassis components for optimum performance. A simple design produced a million times.

Exhaust Systems

Large-scale production of manifolds in stainless steel, titanium and other materials for more than 30 years. For 2-stroke and 4-stroke exhaust manifolds, pre-silencers and silencers. Complex engineering made simple through state of the art production technology. And tomorrow? New production capacities for new products in the motorbike, ATV and sports car segment.


The first to produce an upside-down fork in series. Producer of the ground-breaking EDS suspension for BMW. Preferred supplier of KTM – which has been the most successful off-road brand for years. In three words: suspension from WP. Leading in quality, performance and sales figures for forks, shocks and steering dampers. Producing the future in series today: Smart Suspension, from electronically adjustable to digitally programmable.