Racing is better the tougher, longer and faster it is. It makes our suspension performance count all the more. Whether on the tracks of Dakar, the corkscrew of Laguna Seca or on your home track: do you want to get in front? Then get it!

Racing Offroad


We are at home off the beaten track. Off-road demands the most from your suspension. Because performance is decisive and every second brings new change. We have sought this challenge for years because you can only be at the forefront off-road if your suspension is at the forefront of technology. The ultimate proof: victories in Motocross, Rally, Enduro. All it takes is one jump - from the WC title in Supercross to you and your bike.

Moto GP

Racing Street


At the street race starting line since 2012. Because it's the toughest place to push for extra seconds and for victory. Because only short development times mean short lap times. The result: from 0 to 3 World Cup titles in three years. No other brand has claimed so many victories so quickly. We will soon be starting at Moto GP and Superbike events. Today, 30 pilots in Moto GP classes ride with WP. We bring the same technology from the same manufacturing plant to your street bike. The only difference is the rider: You.

Race service

Success knows no borders. We are at the starting line in national race series in more than 30 countries. With WP Semi-Factory Parts, services, suspension adjustments and more. Always to get the best out of the bike and ride to victory. Get going with us now:

Race heritage

From the first Motocross title in 1984 to the most recent Moto2 title in 2015. More than 300 World Cup titles lie between the two. And many more lie ahead…