WP AER 48 Cone Valve


Cone Valve technology combined with AER technology

Optimal options for AER Spring setup for initial response due to two separate chambers

Improved riding balance with higher bottoming resistance

Allows for customized setup and improved comfort throughout the stroke

Increased comfort when using more aggressive set-ups

Reduced sealing surface means minimum drop of pressure after valve opens

Unlimited opening up of WP Cone Valve, system means reduced harshness

Cone Valve system reduces the amount of shims, which limits the possibility of bent shims over time

All adjustments made externally

High quality coating

AER technology saves up to 1 Kg compared to conventional competition forks


Technical Description

The AER 48 Cone Valve Fork combines two of WP’s greatest technologies: The Cone Valve damping system and the AER spring system. This fork with split technology has been developed in close collaboration with current World Championship riders of many different motorcycle brands. The Cone valve damping leg is an evolution of the traditional cone valve fork with damping optimized for use in combination with an AER spring leg. The AER spring leg was developed with the highest possible performance, nearly unlimited possible setups and easiest possible handling in mind. The WP Motorsports Cone Valve technology permits almost limitless damping performance due to a unique valving system. The setup of a conventional damping system has always been a compromise between sufficient comfort and bottoming resistance, whereas the Cone Valve technology now permits a combination of both factors, resulting in outstanding damping behavior in all riding situations. The AER spring allows the rider to setup the fork for his individual requirements and for individual tracks without changing any internals. Two chambers that can be setup individually, allowing the rider to improve the comfort throughout the entire stroke in combination with great initial response. The bikes riding balance can be changed independently of the bottoming resistance. Also, the AER technology saves up to >1kg compared to other competition forks.

Technical Data

  • Piston 34 mm
  • Piston rod 12 mm
  • Inner tube 48 mm


  • Two-chamber AER system  
  • Compression Damping  
  • Rebound Damping  

Installation guide

WP AER 48 Cone Valve Forks replace the original forks. They are designed to fit in the original triple clamp and to be used with the original axle. The fork can also be reused for other bikes of the same type. WP AER 48 Cone Valve Forks are tested and designed to offer the highest performance in combination with the WP TRAX shock absorbers. Considering the great range of setups that this fork allows, it can often times be used across a range of disciplines such as MX, Cross Country and Enduro. Attention: Please make sure to consult your authorized WP Supplier for the correct setup and individual changes on the damping and spring leg. Small changes can make a significant difference in the behavior of this competition fork. Therefore always use a standard setup as reference and make only small changes at a time. Consult owner’s manual for details.


Individual suspension elements for each type of rider - configure your own suspension setup.

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