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WP Bladder Kit OEM Link 2016


Resisting fading

Decreasing moving parts and friction

Improving and smoothening the ride


Technical description

WP uses separation pistons in reservoirs for all OEM and Aftermarket shocks. The separation piston has many advantages, such as a long live cycle, good sealing of nitrogen and oil and great adjustability. This however demands some compromise due to the moving piston, which creates some heat and therefore can create some fading after intense riding. A bladder system eliminates the moving parts and therefore keeps the oil temperature more consistent. Also, the character of the shock changes when using a bladder instead of a separation piston. The missing initial break-free of the piston makes the overall ride feel more smooth and less harsh. This bladder kit has been designed to fit the WP OEM Link shocks MY 2016 and newer (e.g. KTM SX and XC models, Husqvarna, TC, FC, TE and FE models with a standard shock).

Technical data

  • Reservoir length 118mm
  • Reservoir Diameter 64,2mm


  • stay the same as with the standard reservoir  

Installation Guide

WP Bladder Kits replace the original Reservoir including the separation piston. The kits include a reservoir tube, the bladder, clip and cap incl. a regular Schrader Chuck for filling with nitrogen. Please contact your WP Authorized Center to have the Bladder Kit professionally installed to your shock.


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