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Building your custom suspension setup with WP Factory Services starts with finding out more about you! Start your order process by creating an account with us. It’s free and fast with no commitment. What do you ride? How much do you weigh? What’s your ability? And most importantly, what type of service are you looking for? These are all things we need to know in order to give you factory-level service.

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Offered Services

WP Factory Suspension Services offers three different levels of service:

Service / Repair (STANDARD)

WP suspension components are the most advanced in the industry, and require regular maintenance to ensure their optimum performance. WP Factory Services offers a premium top-to-bottom “tune-up” and inspection of your suspension. This Service / Repair option also addresses parts that may need replacing due to damage or normal wear (cost of parts NOT included).

Re-valve (CUSTOM)

Tuning advanced suspension technology requires the skill of a professional, especially since only the right combination can fully unlock your potential. Tap into the expertise behind champions like Ryan Dungey and Russell Bobbitt with WP Factory Suspension Services, and let us show you how great your suspension can be. This Re-valve option involves fully customizing your suspension setup to your specific size, ability and riding style.

Factory A-Kit (PREMIUM)

Take your performance to the next level with WP’s A-Kit suspension – the Cone Valve fork and TRAX shock. This advanced technology was once reserved solely for factory racers, but can now be yours through WP Factory Services.

How to Videos

Servicing your suspension in the right way is as important as having the best material. Here are some videos to show you how to maintain the best possible level of performance.



AER 48

WP AER48 Service Video


WP AER 48 Setup at track

AER 48

WP AER 48 Intro

How to Videos

4cs bleeding standard procedure

How to video

4cs bleeding advanced procedure

Where can I get spare parts for my WP suspension?
Please contact a WP dealer in your country to get spare parts.
How long is the delivery time on spare parts?
Please contact a WP dealer in your country.
Where can I get WP stickers?
Please contact a WP dealer in your country.
Can I get custom-made suspension from WP?
WP offers a wide range of products which can easily be individualized by any WP Authorized Center. Due to high personal involvement needed to individualize suspension, WP however does not offer any custom-made suspension ex-works. Please contact your nearest WP Authorized Center for details.
I have a technical question about my WP suspension. Who do I ask?
Please contact support.msp@wp-group.com.
I’ve bought a KTM Bike with WP suspension. Who do I contact concerning guarantee issues?
Please contact a KTM dealer in your country.
Where can I find the product ID of my WP product?
Depending on the product you can find your product ID on the external reservoir (shocks) or the top cap or the axle clamps (forks).
Can I tune my WP suspension?
Most suspension products offered by WP can be tuned and individualized in many different ways incl different spring rates for different rider weight, damping curves for different usage and tracks, and in length and stroke. Please contact your nearest WP Authorized Center for details.