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MXMA 4800 Cone Valve Kit


Your original fork with the latest technology

More comfort when using harder set-ups

Lightweight construction

All adjustments made externally

No sealing surface so minimum drop of pressure after valve opens

Unlimited opening up of WP Cone Valve, so harshness reduced

No shims, therefore no loss of damping because of bent shims


Technical description

The WP Cone Valve Cartridge Kit is the perfect solution to upgrade your original WP OEM Fork. This cartridge is made out of the same high-performance components as the Cone Valve Fork but is designed to fit your serial fork tubes. This upgrade kit is suitable for WP Closed Cartridge, WP Open Cartridge as well as WP Closed Cartridge 4CS OEM forks.

Technical Data

  • Piston 23 mm
  • Piston rod 12 mm


  • Spring Preload  
  • Compression Damping  
  • Rebound Damping  

Installation guide

The WP Cone Valve Cartridge Kit is retrofitted to your original fork. It comes with new axle clamps to enable compression and rebound adjustment on both fork legs. No changes to your bike are needed. The forks fitted with the WP Cone Valve Cartridge Kit can be fine-tuned by any WP Distributor to match the requirements for individual tracks or usage (e.g. Rally). Additionally a wide range of simple adjustments allow the rider to fully adjust the fork on both fork legs. The WP Cone Valve Cartridge Kits are tested and designed to offer the highest performance in combination with the WP TRAX Shock Absorbers.


Individual suspension elements for each type of rider - configure your own suspension setup.

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